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At SIPanels, our vision is simple - to build better – to continue to grow our real estate building platform by creating value every day. A home that is better for our family, better for our residents, better for our community, better for our investors, better for our builder partners, better for our world. Simply, our mission is to build better.  SIPanels offer significant advantages to traditional building materials:

  • SIPanels can be used for virtually any building design

  • SIPanels can be erected in approximately half the time of a conventional building

  • SIPanels are an engineered product that can meet the required loads and are also inherently much stronger that conventional framing

  • SIPanel buildings use approximately half the energy of conventional buildings

  • SIPanels are cost effective, generally costing about half the price of lumber

  • Less interior noise, fewer drafts, and more consistent interior temperatures due to the continuous foam core inside every SIPanel

  • SIPanel buildings can be insured less expensively specifically in high wind areas

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